+Secret Garden+
 Welcome to the LJ hub for Secret Garden~Venue for the greatest Japanese rock bands. 

 I am a Visual elite blogging to bring all the latest news, info, and artist profiles to the wild west in an easy to navigate, fun to read, visualist-to-visualist format. Artists who currently have information available on SG (updated often): GACKT, abingdon boys school, BUCK-TICK, Miyavi, Alice Nine, Ayabie, Quintillion Quiz, D, girugamesh, the GazettE, etc... 

 For now this is an idle annex for my main blog,
Secret Garden used for connecting and reading. If you are interested in reading my blog, please follow the link to SG's main page. If you are looking to contact me, please feel free to leave a comment or message me here, or email me. 



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